Student and Family Programs

Our supplemental science programs are directed at both self-selected science aficionados and those individuals who avoid science at all costs.  IBP programs utilize current scientific content and are directed by doctoral level faculty committed to improving the scientific literacy of students and the general public.  By combining relevant research-based science content with artistic activities, individuals who learn with different modalities or who have other interests, report increased interest in science.  Therefore, all our hands-on programs include aspects of the fine arts including singing and other visual and performing arts.

We offer a number of programs geared toward families and students including Day Camps, After-School Programs, Home School Programs, Science Vacations, and Directed Study.


Gifted Education Programming
Sheep Brain Dissection

We offer a number opportunities for gifted students and their families through our Energetic Einsteins program. 

Families have requested to be kept informed about our programing.   If you would like to hear about upcoming events, please take a moment to fill out the online contact information form at or contact

Making Beady Neurons
Student with Brain Collection Samples
Brains and Behavior Program


Our Brains and Behavior Program is offered for gifted 6th-9th graders in collaboration with our partnership and outreach branch called Energetic Einsteins.  This is held at our Clearwater, Florida and is specifically developed to meet the needs of gifted students who have completed grades 6-9.  

Join the neuroscience faculty from the Institute for Biomedical Philosophy for a hands-on, minds on exploration inside your head. Join us as we learn about brain anatomy and function, neuronal communication, and brain health and diseases. You will explore a variety of species' brains macroscopically and microscopically including a sheep brain dissection, model the brain of an animal you design, participate in memory experiments, design and conduct behavioral experiments with invertebrate organisms, and investigate the effect of alcohol on development.

Participants:  Gifted 3rd-6th graders

Limited number of scholarships available! 

For more information and to register see or  contact

Wizard Camp for Gifted Muggles
Plant Dissections


Wizard Camp for Gifted Muggles is offered for gifted 3rd-6th graders at our Clearwater FL location. Our Science Faculty will reveal the science behind the magic and will provided hands on explorations in the fields of Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.  Students will also learn to make pumpkin juice and compete in a number of challenges for the house cup. Some examples projects include plant experiments in Herbology, Invertebrate races in Care of Magical Creatures, comparisons of invisible inks and color changing Potions, Transfiguration by metamorphosis, and Astronomy exploration to design and model an organism capable of living on their favorite celestial object. 

*NOTE:  Program is not affiliated with, authorized, prepared, approved, licensed, nor endorsed by Harry Potter, Scholastic, Universal Studios, nor J.K. Rowling.  Harry Potter is the registered trademark of Time Warner Entertainment Co., L.P.**NOTE: This is a Science program and does not endorse nor teach witchcraft, anything wiccan or the occult. 

Participants:  Gifted 3rd-6th graders

Limited number of scholarships available! 

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Student Biomedical Education

Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Abuse Prevention

Learn about causes and health consequences of drug abuse and addiction.  Program includes topics on self-awareness, hygiene, & nutrition.
Marine Biology
Learn about physiology and ecology at the beach.  For groups unable to attend at our costal locations, we bring the beach to them. 
Biomedical Ethics
Explore the many questions that affect us today.  Parents are given topics in advance for their approval.

Mini-Medical School
Learn essential information about how our bodies work and modern medical treatments.  No medical background necessary. 

Adult BioMedical Education

These programs can also be tailored to specific diseases or health concerns.

Biomedical Literacy
Learn how to find information on your health concerns and how to evaluate the legitimacy of available information.
Patient/Health-Care Provider Communication
Learn how to provide needed information to your physician or other health-care providers and how to interpret the information they give you. 
Stress and Cancer
Stress and psychological phenomena such as depression can affect immune function and subsequent disease.  This program will present a synopsis of the latest medical research findings on this topic and suggest strategies to avoid and combat illness.