Consultation Services Offered by IBP Faculty
Program Development
The  Institute for Biomedical Philosophy provides  program initiation, implementation and dissemination services to university faculty and administrators,  informal science educators, community partners,  private & public school teachers and administrators, foundations, non-profits, government, and industry.  Services are customized to fit the specific goals of each institution and partnership. 

Program Initiation Services
• Strategic planning consultation
• Think tank session coordination
• Strategic restructuring
• Capacity building consultation
• Systemic change consultation
• Focus group development and facilitation
• Marketing strategy
• Facilitation of partnership development
• Budget planning and development
• Grant development
• Grant writing and editing
• Program and operational design
• Comprehensive planning

Program Implementation Services
• Project coordination
• Facilitation of partnership involvement
• Data-driven decision making
• Impact monitoring
• Conflict resolution services
• Curriculum development
• Instrument and test item development
• Coordination of content to standards
• Educational writing and editing
• Data analysis and presentation

Program Dissemination Services
• Progress Report writing
• Development of publication strategy
• Abstract development
• Poster presentation development
• Article writing and editing 

Assessment and Evaluation
The IBP has evaluation specialists for formal and informal educational programs from Pre-K to post docs experienced in program development; needs, formative and summative assessment; content knowledge, process, performance, and attitudes assessment; exhibition design; and research translation.
We utilize Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods Assessments and Multivariate and Blended assessment models. 
Services are customized for optimal usefulness.


Research Assistance
• Logic model development
• Program theory consultation
• Research methodology assistance
• Data collection and analysis
• Data management
• Statistical consultation
• Progress and final report writing

Selected Evaluation Services
• PreK-12 educational program evaluation
• Undergrad-Post Doc program evaluation
• Informal education program evaluation
• Professional development evaluation
• Continuing education evaluation
• Distance learning evaluation
• Public health research and evaluation
• Organization effectiveness research
• Culturally responsive evaluation
• Cluster evaluation
• Dissemination evaluation
• Collaborative evaluation

Selected Formats
• Focus group development and facilitation
• Structured interviewing
• Field observation
• Survey development and implementation
• Customized assessment instruments
• Randomized control group trials
• Electronic and web-based formats
• Paper and pencil formats
• Phone based interviews surveys

Scientific Computing

The IBP is able to provide and support IT solutions for academic and industrial clients in order to support their education, research, and healthcare missions.  


• Design, build and manage data centers
• Image analysis
• Linear and non-linear modeling
• Molecular biology applications
• Laboratory automation
• Automated process control
• GLP/GMP compliant electronic record keeping
• Design of regulatory compliance protocols for clinical systems
• Server administration

Consultation Services for Education Community

The Institute for Biomedical Philosophy provides research-based science content to informal science educators, private & public school teachers, and university partners. Programs are designed according to relevant pedagogical and learning theories and are based on national and local standards. 


        Workshop design and implementation

        In-service teacher training

        Program design and evaluation

        Curriculum and test item development

        Customized assessment instruments

        Symposium planning and coordination

        Coordination of content to standards

        Design of displays and games

        Educational writing and editing

        Grant development and writing

        Data analysis and presentation

        Communication with research community

        Career counseling for students

        Laboratory design and safety

        Invertebrate, aquatic, avian, and reptilian habitat development

Consultation Services for Research Community

The Institute for Biomedical Philosophy strives to facilitate the transmission of knowledge from the research community to the general public and the education community.  Thus, our programs provide mechanisms to enhance the speed of reporting new discoveries as well as to assist in knowledge transfer issues. Additionally, we provide services geared towards set-up for new projects.


  • Scientific, technical, and medical writing and editing
  •  Medical communications
  • Conference transcripts and reporting
  • Medical and pharmaceutical journalism
  • Scientific meeting planning and coordination
  • Data analysis and presentation
  • Knowledge transfer assessment
  • Translation of research to educational community for meaningful partnership
  • Career counseling for trainees and individuals desiring a career change



        Grant development and writing

        SOP development

        Laboratory design and safety

        Animal Facilities functional design

        Exotic Animal husbandry requirements

        Aquatic, Avian and Reptilian habitat development

        Invertebrate specimen collection and propagation