The Institute for Biomedical Philosophy is Dedicated to University Support Services and Partnership Development.  

Our University Support Services include consultation for Strategic Planning including Program Development, Long-term Grant Strategies, and Program Evaluation; Grant Management; Faculty and Staff Professional Development; Facilities Development including Laboratory Automation, Laboratory and Habitat Design, Installation of Clean Rooms and Research Equipment; and Scientific Computing including Image Analysis, Modeling, Data Management, and Systems Administration. 
We have extensive experience with partnerships among Colleges and Universities as well as between the informal science community and formal science educators from Pre-K through post-docs.  We believe that it is critical for content specialists (scientists) to partner with pedagogy specialists (teachers) to improve K-16 science education and scientific literacy.
Our in-house programs promote the utilization of intergenerational learning in the arts and sciences in order to increase scientific literacy and focus on supplemental science education and similar mechanisms to facilitate the translation of biomedical research.  Energetic Einsteins is a program formed by the faculty of the Institute for Biomedical Philosophy to facilitate Educational Partnerships and Outreach Opportunities for Scientists.

Internships and Near-Peer Opportunities
Internship opportunities available for Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral fellows.  Please contact for more information. 


Near-Peer opportunities available for High School and College students for out outreach and gifted education efforts with Energetic Einsteins and Bouncing Brainiacs.  Please see or contact for more information. 



Terrapin Hollow Farm Campus
Our outdoor education program will provide an 180 acre arena for teachers, students, and intergenerational groups to participate in educational activities at a remote location